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KUDU’S RUS is a South African luxury Game Lodge situated in the North West Province of South Africa, in malaria free area. Privately owned KUDU’S RUS Game Lodge, a mere 1½ hour's drive from Pretoria and 2 hours drive from Johannesburg International Airport and surroundings.


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Welcome to Kudus Rus


Deep in the African bushveld, something enchanting lies in wait - the KUDUSRUS GAME LODGE which offers its visitors comfort, sophistication, elegance and a canvas on which to create a truly unforgettable experience.

"Don't leave anything but your footprints"
"Don't take anything but your memory"

Our Predator ParkAW 105 of 125

Experience the pure wonders that nature have to offer Touch a tiger , Interact with lion cubs Feel the earth tremble as a Lion roar.

Kudus rus hosts a variety of carnivores and we have introduce these wondrous creatures to allow our guests that comes close to experience these majestic animals leaving with a revived respect for these animals and to be an ambassador for the protection and conservation of all wild animals worldwide therefore ensuring that the generations to come will have the same privileges as we had.

The closest encounter you will ever get to experience with Africa's most inspiring Carnivores such as Lion Panthera leo, Caracal, Panthera tigris altaica, Panthera pardus, Acinonyx jubatus and Serval.

Our daily guided tours last in the region of an hour and a half are the perfect way to see those elusive African predators.

A highly skilled and motivated guide will educate you on how to conserve our rich heritage of African predators by providing the amazing opportunity for people to have an up close and personal interaction with these fascinating predators and sharing some interesting facts about these animals.